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About the competition

This Competition is launched in alignment with FabLab UAE slogan: Design, Make and Share. It is one of its top initiatives that aims to attract students with innovative ideas. The Competition encourages students to think creatively, and it provides them with the proper environment that will help them in transforming their ideas into reality through Fablab UAE. Students participate in this Competition with their own innovative ideas. These ideas are evaluated by a jury especially formed for this purpose. Unique ideas are then selected and transformed into products through Fablab. Marketing and publication of the winning ideas are carried out through various platforms and social media channels.


Incentives and Rewards

.     Winning certificate and a prize of 5000 AED are awarded to the winners

      (3 winners from each group. Group 1: 5 to 8 years old. Group 2: 9 to 12 years old).

.     Top 15 distinctive ideas are awarded a Certificate of Distinguished Idea.

.     All participants will be awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for participation.

.     The opportunity to transform winning ideas into prototypes and               practical projects through FabLab UAE.

.    Winning and distinctive ideas are promoted by various social media channels.


Terms and Conditions

All participants falling within the specified age group are entitled to participate in the Competition under the following conditions:

•        Participant must fall under the age group 5-12 years old.

•        Idea submitted by the participant must:

         o      Have a practical application.

         o      Be a unique idea, not copied, not attributed to others, and should not have participated in previous Competitions.

         o      Comply with the laws, policies and ethics of the United Arab Emirates.

         o      be aligned with UAE's orientation such as: conservation of the environment, sustainability, energy, etc.

•        Determine the expected benefit of the idea.

•        Complete the participation form, which includes:

         o      Participant’s personal details.

         o      A copy of the participant’s photo.

         o      A copy of the Emirates ID.

         o      A graphic illustration of the idea.

         o      Participation Declaration Form.

Participations are accepted only via the e-mail of FABLAB UAE

( .)


How to Participate

1    Download the participation 

2    Fill out the participation form with the required data, taking into  account the terms and conditions of the Competition.

3    Draw and explain the innovation idea.

4    Email an e-copy of the participation form with all the required  attachments to:

Important Dates


Deadline for receiving participation forms

15/ November /2018

Ideas Evaluation

15/ November / 2018

- 10/ JAN /2019

Winners Announcement & Ceremony of Honor

In February 2019


Note : These dates are subject to be change



Thank you for your evaluation.
أولاً – المحاضر/ المدرب
Scientific ability & knowledge ‎
مقدرته العلمية وتمكنه من موضوع ‏البرنامج
Style of presentation & delivery of ‎information
أسلوبه في العرض والتقديم
Interaction & response with the ‎audience
تفاعله مع المشاركين والتجاوب ‏معهم
Use of applied examples ‎
درجة استخدامه للأمثلة التطبيقية
Speaker’s ability to deliver the ‎information
قدرة المدرب على إيصال المعلومة
Scientific Material
ثانياً – المادة العلمية
Coherence and consistency of the ‎topics
ترابط وانسجام الموضوعات ‏
Scientific material presented is ‎related to the subject of scientific ‎training
علاقة المادة العلمية المعروضة ‏بموضوع التدريب ‏
Knowledge and skills gained
المعارف والمهارات المكتسبة‏
Benefits gained
درجة الاستفادة من البرنامج
Workshops and its effectiveness in ‎gaining skill ‎
ورش العمل وفاعليتها في إكساب ‏المهارة
Organizational Aspects
ثالثاً – النواحي التنظيمية
Duration‏ ‏‎ of the session and timing
مدة البرنامج ومواعيد عقده
Venue and services provided
مكان عقد البرنامج والخدمات المقدمة
The Overall Program
رابعاً – البرنامج بوجه عام
The overall evaluation ‎
التقييم العام ‏
Suggestions & Remarks
ملاحظات واقتراحات عامة
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