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Participation Age  18+

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About the competition

The objective of the Competition is to attract creative individuals and teams who have

innovative ideas. The Competition seeks to encourage individuals to think creatively; it aims

to provide the appropriate environment where creative and Innovative people can turn their

ideas into reality through Fablab UAE. The participants must pass the first and the second

assessment stages to win this Competition. At the first stage, the teams should submit the

implementation plan of their respective Innovative project, which will be reviewed and assessed

by a specialized jury. If qualified, the selected innovative projects will pass the first stage into

the implementation stage.

Qualified teams must implement their innovative projects at FabLab UAE; they must ensure that

their projects are ready to be presented to the Jury in the second phase of the assessment.

Following the judgment by the Jury, the selected innovative projects will be declared as winners,

and the winning project will marketed through different media platforms




Incentives and Rewards

• AED 20,000 Award and a certificate of appreciation will be granted to the winning

innovative projects.

• A certificate of participation in the Competitions will be granted to all the participants.

• The outstanding innovative ideas will be sponsored in order to be turned into project,

and all the materials needed for the implementation of such projects will be provided

by FabLab UAE.

• The Competition involves an opportunity to sponsor the winning innovative projects in order to

be developed into final products to be promoted in the local and international markets.

• The winning innovative projects will be promoted in various social media channels.




How to Participate

1- Download the guideline from FabLab UAE website (

2- Fill in the application form and attach the required information and documents

through the FabLab UAE page.

3- Send a soft copy of the completed application form with all the required attachments


Assessment Stages and Criteria


Criteria for the first stage (100 points)

At this stage, the innovative project implementation plan will be assessed against

the following criteria:

• The Idea (30 points): This criterion focuses on the uniqueness and applicability of

the idea, as well as the robustness of the research made on the problem which the

project seeks to solve.

• Project Planning (30 points): This criterion focuses on the quality of the action plan

developed for the implementation of the Project, and it should observe the following points:

o Time schedule for the Project implementation: which includes the tasks and the

implementation stages.

o Materials and equipment to be used: these must be determined according to the

resources available in Fab Lab UAE (please visit the website to know the available


o Project Team: the role and tasks of each member in the team dedicated for

implementation of the project should be clarified.

o Sponsors and Marketing plan: a detailed plan for the mechanism to be adopted regarding

the marketing and promotion of the innovative project, in addition of the potential sponsors list.

• Design (20 points): This criterion measures the suitability of the illustrations of the innovative

project, which includes the innovative project structural drawings, external facades … etc.

• Presentation of the Project Implementation plan: (20 points): At this stage, the

implementation plan will be presented before a specialized jury where the innovative

projects can be nominated for the implementation phase.

Criteria for the second stage (100 points)

At this stage, the innovative project will be assessed after being implemented at FabLab UAE.

The assessment will be carried out to the following criteria:

• Implementation of the Innovative Project (40 points): This criterion refers to procedures

followed in the implementation of the Project at FabLab UAE.

• Innovation Evaluation (30 points): This criterion focuses on identifying the pros and cons

of the innovative project, the practices adopted to develop it, and the future perception

of the innovative project.

• Project Final Presentation (30 points): This criterion measure the quality and efficiency of

the final product by presenting it before the Ultimate Evaluation Committee.



Terms and Conditions

• Participant must be 18 years old and above.

• The innovative project should be a scientific idea that can be turned into a device or a

proposed automated model which can solve a specific problem

• The participants and members of the innovative project team should have different

technical skills that would help them to implement the project in Fab Lab UAE.

• The number of participants in one innovative project should not exceed 4.

• The project idea submitted by the team should observe the following:

o It can be applied in reality (realistic) and can be applied through Fab Lab UAE

o The idea must be new; not imitated nor copied, not an ownership of others, and must not

be introduced in previous editions of the Competition. The project idea must not be an

academic requirement or a graduation project.

o The idea must comply with the laws, policies and ethics of the United Arab Emirates.

o The idea must observe the orientations of the Country such as: conservation of the

environment, rationality, sustainability, energy preservation ..etc.

o The idea must involve the opportunity to be turned into a product, and must be

acceptable and adoptable by the Government institutions if offered to them.

• The application form must be filled out, and must include the following particulars:

o Participant’s personal details

o The curriculum vitae of the Project team

o The undertaking.

o The plan of the Innovative project

o A copy of the Emirates ID.

• Applications must be submitted through FabLab UAE website. For any inquiries,

please contact:




Important Dates

30 January 2020

Deadline for application

10-29 February / 2020

First Assessment phase

01 Mar / 2020 -- 30 Apr / 2020

Innovative Projects Implementation Phase

03-28 May 2020

Second Assessment Phase

June 2020

Announcement of Winning Projects

& Honoring ceremony



Note: These dates are subject to be change according to the developments.



Thank you for your evaluation.
أولاً – المحاضر/ المدرب
Scientific ability & knowledge ‎
مقدرته العلمية وتمكنه من موضوع ‏البرنامج
Style of presentation & delivery of ‎information
أسلوبه في العرض والتقديم
Interaction & response with the ‎audience
تفاعله مع المشاركين والتجاوب ‏معهم
Use of applied examples ‎
درجة استخدامه للأمثلة التطبيقية
Speaker’s ability to deliver the ‎information
قدرة المدرب على إيصال المعلومة
Scientific Material
ثانياً – المادة العلمية
Coherence and consistency of the ‎topics
ترابط وانسجام الموضوعات ‏
Scientific material presented is ‎related to the subject of scientific ‎training
علاقة المادة العلمية المعروضة ‏بموضوع التدريب ‏
Knowledge and skills gained
المعارف والمهارات المكتسبة‏
Benefits gained
درجة الاستفادة من البرنامج
Workshops and its effectiveness in ‎gaining skill ‎
ورش العمل وفاعليتها في إكساب ‏المهارة
Organizational Aspects
ثالثاً – النواحي التنظيمية
Duration‏ ‏‎ of the session and timing
مدة البرنامج ومواعيد عقده
Venue and services provided
مكان عقد البرنامج والخدمات المقدمة
The Overall Program
رابعاً – البرنامج بوجه عام
The overall evaluation ‎
التقييم العام ‏
Suggestions & Remarks
ملاحظات واقتراحات عامة
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